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Why Hold? – Stake $betted

Shared Casino gains – Equity share of the casino:
A percentage of the user’s $BETTED bet will be offered as an equity share. Just what does that imply?
Every month, the user will get a proportionate amount of the casino’s profit.

40% of casino profit goes to staking users
*For example:
A user who has staked 2% of the total supply of $BETTED tokens will earn 2% of the monthly profit generated by the casino while the user is staking $BETTED tokens, from this 40% Casino Revenues.

As long as the user’s $BETTED is still staked, they will receive free staked Tickets (stTickets) every week. Staked Tickets function identically like regular Tickets, with the exception that they cannot be exchanged for cash or other digital currencies. Tickets that have been staked can only be used to pay for casino games.

In essence, the user gets to play casino games and has a chance to win regular Tickets as a result, which can then be exchanged for fiat currency or cryptocurrencies.

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