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Main Features

Socket based system in a secure server, protected game logic, and certified RNG. Over 100,000 players can play the game simultaneously.
Additionally, we guarantee top-level security because of system logging, IP detection, and different access options.

Over 30 types of poker games
Wide range of games including Hold’em, Omaha, Stud, Razz, Chinese and Open Face Chinese poker, Rapid, Mixed games and more. All that you may want from poker is in.

All gains from cryptocurrency use
Get various benefits from cryptocurrency use and comprise anonymous payments, low commissions.

Anti-Bot and Anti-Fraud systems
We provide safety for your business and user comfort.

Supreme freedom for exchange
Developed cryptocurrency market and exchange points infrastructure allows to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat and viceversa.

No geofencing & restrictions
Engage a larger audience for our business tO grow constantly. All countries are welcome.

More than 15-year experience
We are early adopters and pros in Casino Platforms (18 yrs) and cryptocurrency integration due to long involvement.(+8 yrs)

Players can be use in their languages like English, Spanish, French, Chinese , etc

More than 30 payment systems, and cryptocurrency accepted as well.

Constant grow
Diferent types of monetisation are included:
Real money rake
Membership and Subscriptions
Free to Play
Affiliate System
Private and community Rooms

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